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February 7, 2016


 This week I cry out for help. It all started with this fun little photo sesh I had with my good friend Jazzy Fizz ;) Meaning that I really just dragged her out of bed and told her that we should "explore the campus"! As you can see it was a lituation because the sun is finally back and the celebration of thot season was in order. I have been vibing to a lot of ANTI and of course I had to endulge in Beyonce's occasional edge snatch: first the single, then Superbowl and homegirl decides to throw a tour in it too... I am left edgeless till then. However, if they are found please return to the address listed on my homepage. Anyway, I hope you guys had a great weekend and i'll be back pretty soon. Enjoy the rest of your week kids and always remember that you slay...! ;)




Top: F21
Shoes: Call It Spring 
Jeans: Levi's
Bag: Costa Rican Market 
Glasses: Thrifted


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