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April 18, 2016


Yellow there! Clearly you can see how excited I am about this shoot. There is just something about yellow that makes me feel like I am five years old in a land full of rainbows where unicorns and and little chickens run free lol Also I might have been excited because I paid a visit to the good old thrift store also knows as Cynthia’s home. People think I am joking when I say that I actually live in Goodwill, but i'm dead serious. The clerks know my first and last name by heart. So I can't wait to share some of the rad finds I came across #exclusive. See ya'll next week and stay lit. Summer is near... :)


Also shout out to Beyonce for kidnapping my edges once again. Lemonade is what I live for right now and I guess my edges are in better hands. God Bless. 


Shirt: Thrifted

Pants: American Apparel

Shoes: Asos

Smile: Heaven 


Photo Creds: Janie Sus Neal 


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