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April 27, 2016

I had a chance to be a little kid again and it was as litty as the night sky. Even though Universal Studios in LA is a bit smaller than the one in Florida, it was just as fun. One awesome thing I love about this place, aside from the rides, is that you actually get to see how movies/tv shows are made. If you didn't know, I'm not just obsessed with movies but I also watch anything with the word entertainment in it, so seeing the behind the scenes of all this voodoo blew my mind. 


I would say the best ride was the mummy ride, that shit caught me off guard but I didn't flinch because I am a gangster and gangsters don't flinch. Also I got to fist pump with my fairy godfather Homer Simpson and squash beef with Megatron so I would like to say I am in a pretty good place in my life. Anyway, till next week young grasshopper. 



Quote of the day:


Don't forget to start off your day right, and put some RESPECK on it. Why? Because you deserve it.  (#LongLiveBirdman)

Photo Creds: Janie Sus Neal & I 


Top: Adidas 

Overall: No Recuerdo 
Flannel: F21


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