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June 15, 2016



Yes...i know. I literally disappeared for almost an entire month and I get it I would be confused too but just hear me out. I really do have a good reason. SO essentially what happened is that I high-key got kidnapped by a bunch of baby aliens who got me into the bad habit of being lazy and taking on too many things on my plate that I know sometimes my little self can't handle and now has left me in the position i am in now... full of guilt. However, I was safely returned by my unicorns and now I am woke AF. Thus expect some new content from me all around the board especially now that it's FINALLY summer and I can live life without stressing over my chemistry assignment due the next day (#iamstillagoodstudenttho). Anyway, this was the first time ever shooting with my tripod and i think i did pretty well.... right? Well if you couldn't tell I am still in a colorful mood hence the bright red but I also felt like a young Don Corleone/Pimp Fresh OG so fwm. The entire outfit was from good old thrift store because I will stay ballin on a budget till the day I D.I.E. The title has nothing to do with this but I will say that if you read through all this, you are the real MVP. Cheers my love!

Quote of the Week:

 “Never let anyone know what you are thinking.”

― Mario Puzo, The Godfather

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