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July 19, 2016


 Yes, I know. I have been MIA once again, and I did not post any outfit photos for the longest. Well recently my hard drive completely crashed and I lost 3 months worth of content so forgive me. Also I have been trying to work on this youtube thing for a minute and think I'm finally getting the in the groove of things. If you don't know yet. I am obsessed with DIY's and have been for the longest time. Why? Because the broke college student life chose me. So I will definitely be doing more of these on my youtube channel but i'll be sure to post the final result photos here on the blog. I think it's just way easier than posting outfit pics every week. Anyway, go ahead and watch the video and also check out the source. Kinda messed up the shorts but hey...i tried. lol

-The African Unicorn

Quote of the day: When life gives you lemons, make orange juice. 

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