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August 1, 2016


HEYYYY GUYS! Another week another color. This week I finally took my ass to see this famous pink wall on Melrose Ave everyone and their grandmothers rave about, the "Paul Smith Pink Wall". Apparently this unicorn paint is imported from Italy or something so that's how you know its special lol. The guard did not even let us touch the wall. My friend had to stand across the street in order to get most of these shots because no professional cameras were allowed on the property. Yeah, it was that serious. 

Anyway, let's get into this skirt! When i tell you i have never been so proud of myself for actually making something... i do not lie. This is a DIY i found on pinterest (#theplug) and wanted to try out. Thank goodness the DIY juju was on my side because it came out pretty decent. Go ahead and check out the video on my channel. I am becoming more active on the tube before I get too busy with school. SO take advantage of it lol. Hope you all had a great weekend and you shall be hearing from me soon. 

Quote of the Day:

Create your own sunshine because the weather is about to get real shitty 

Photo Creds: Autumn Martinsfineass ;)



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