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August 22, 2016


 So, yeah, Miami has me out here wanting to relocate from Cali because its just that enticing. Honestly I might retire here, because not only is it gorgeous but the culture is just... i can't even describe it because thats how unique it is. But I will say the devil is a liar because this place is hot, like HOT as hells armpits! Bruuuuh i don't know who keeps lying to people telling them that "Africa" is hot because that is a LIE. There is no need for makeup in fact there is no need for clothing here, just go out naked lol. Anyway, I'll probably make a little travel guide sort of video showing you guys the best spots to hit in Miami. Also check out this amazing feature of yours truly on this dope blog by Laura Jane not only does she blog but she is also a designer and a photographer, she's pretty awesome, so check her out! But for now, enjoy the preview of gorgeous Miami and have a fab week.


-The African Unicorn

P.s : (shout out to Kenya for showing out in the Olympics #WakenyaJuu) 

Outfit Details 

Shirt: Boohoo

Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Keds 

Glasses: Thrifted



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