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September 16, 2016




So i guess summer is coming to an end and I have refused to accept it. School is in full blow, the sun is on vacation with the main chick while we are stuck with the sidekick and its getting colder than a b*tch. If you read my last post you know your girl is trying to save her money and go somewhere pretty (preferably tropical) so I can get this melanin ever fleekier. Hence I shall be doing quite a lot of DIY's because sometimes its just way easier to make your own clothes than to start f-ing up some commas on things you don't need (aka me 24/7). So this little off the shoulder piece was made from leftover fabric, took me like 30 minutes and it's pretty lit. Also I know a lot of the people who read the blog don't have most of the stores I shop at near them and making stuff is a great common ground. So get you a sewing machine and go green ;) Also stay tuned for some awesome collabs with some amazing companies I know many of you will love.

Be sure to follow me on snapchat to see the shenanigans I'm up to when I'm not taking pictures.

P.s I'm going to see Chance the rapper & Kanye West soon so beware of concert spoilers, because you already know I am going to be on level 4 million trillion. 

Have a great week and be a unicorn. 

Quote of the Day: 

I like to be like a plant and mind my own business because it just makes life so much easier. 


Photo Creds: Janie Sus Neal







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