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October 2, 2016













 This hair is really growing on me lol I know a lot of people wanted to know where this outfit is from so before we get into anything else, I'm just going to have to hit you with that disappointment real quick. I actually made this sometime this summer while I was back home with my little sewing machine and some left over fabric i stole from my mom. Honestly, I will try and make a tutorial on how I made the shorts, but the top is literally just a piece of fabric i tied around myself LOL. A nip slip was bound to happen so I don't even think I will be wearing this in public. 


But in other news! My birthday is coming up soon (Oct 8) and even though I'm not turning 21, 20 is close enough so I'm still excited. I feel old, not just old but VERY old. The teen life is behind me and I'm still thinking of a monumental grown-up change that I can make in my life to signify this new found "I can go to the club without asking my mom" feeling. I am probably thinking about this way too much but if you have any ideas, feel free to share, or send me gifts ;) But if you think I should just turn up and call it a night, let me know too lol. Otherwise, how's your week been? Give yourself a high five if you are finessing your way through life like me. Let's chat later. 


-The African Unicorn

Quote of the Day: 

Don't me a wasteman, step out of your comfort zone as much as possible and I promise you won't regret it. 


Photo Creds: Janie Sus Neal


Top: DIY (hanging on for its life)
Shorts: DIY (video coming soon)

Blazer: Boohoo


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