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October 23, 2016

YESSSSS LAWD! Finally 21... minus 1....! I feel incredibly old and the worst part about this is that people can now start judging me for sitting at the kids table during family gatherings, BUT you already know I don't care and you will be seeing my behind at that table every year until i'm 40. Why? Because grown-ups are kinda boring. Anyway, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I really do appreciate them and if you have been riding with me for this long, since the first blog post, i truly adore you. Took a quick trip to Panama and those highlights will be out soon. Don't have much to say about this but I just want to thank the big boss above for keeping me alive to this day. 

 Quote of the Day: Bad bitch contest, I'm in first place

Wall: Villains Tavern Parking LotIntersection of S. Santa Fe Ave & Willow Street 

PC: Janie Neal


Jeans - FashionNova

Top - DIY

Shoes - Call It Spring


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