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November 13, 2016




Hello there young grasshopper! So today I decided to switch it up a bit and write a post about music I am currently obsessing over for the past month. I'll try and make this a monthly thing but don't trust what my words lol. I will be doing a Q&A soon so you can send in any questions you have and I just wanted to thank guys so much for all the love I have been getting lately. Even though I never have time to reply to every single message, I promise you that I really really appreciate it. Anyway hope your November is splendid, have a fabulous week and TRY not let that racist misogynistic orange man ruin your day. 


Now Let Me Put You On...


1. Suede Jaw - 808INK

2.  F*ck With Myself - BANKS

3. Lovesick (ft. ASAP Rocky) - Mura Masa

4.  See I Miss - GoldLink

5. Mbongo Zaka (Ft. Moozlie) - Rouge



-The African Unicorn

 Quote of The Day:

" Donald Trump Can Eat Sh*t "

Photo Creds: Janie Sus Neal

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