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November 1, 2017


THIS WAS MY first introduction to THE WORLD OF 3d.


the task:

create a 3d version of YourselF from scratch using a mirror AND THE 3d APPLICATION (SCULPTRIS).

*boy was i scared*


One thing i could not help but notice was the vivid difference between what I THOUGHT I lookEd like versus what I actually look like.


this is why i like to inclUde THIS PIECE in my POrtfolio BECAUSE NOT ONLY WAS IT MY FIRST REAL ATTEMPT INto THE world of DIGITAL art BUT IT was also the biggest challenge for myself (so don't be too critical lol). 


Texture and Color Study







These are just the basic brushes i used to stretch out the spherical base provided in sculptris.  The hardest part was the hair, luckily the deflate tool (INVERSE of INFLATE) Made it all worth the while.










i love this texture and here are some close up shots in the application. i tried to get as much detail as possible to try and make it look slightly more realistic. Almost like a mask that i could try and wear when i wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 




you can play AROUND with it too!






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