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December 22, 2017


I mean, who doesn't like skittles?

This might have been one of the coolest things I have ever created in 3D. Only because it was the first thing that ever came out as close to what I had imagined in my head.



This is form of design is something that I noticed a lot in advertisements over the past couple of years and have always wondered how it was done.  It honestly seemed like rocket science to me.


Once I did my research and discovered it was created using Cinema 4D, I decided to give it a try and this is what I ended up creating: a dancing man made out of skittles! 


 I wanted to create a dynamic character that resonated with my childhood in some ways more than others. I still am a huge fan of skittles so I was just thinking if they were to ever create a campaign what would incorporate a dancing character what would it look like.



I wasn't too disappointed about the simple skeleton version above but obviously the dynamic skittles falling off adds a lot more to the overall look. 


I used already existing motion capture data from Mixamo and the popular technique of key-framing as well as several other user friendly features that cinema 4D already comes with. 



I was pretty happy after the final render especially because of how the colors turned out. I didn't want it to look like the infamous skittles colors so i decided to sort of create my own flavors and go with a blue (bubblegum) and yellow (banana) theme. 



Lastly, the video was a bit too fast for me so I took it

into Adobe Photoshop and slowed it down using the frames in the timeline feature.








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