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"The African Woman c. 1650"

January 7, 2018



This is one of my favorite independent projects. I wanted to start a series for the upcoming Black History Month.

My aim is to highlight the historical black sculptures that I rarely see in history discussions.




This particular piece is the first of its series and it is based of off a bust of named 'The African Woman' at The Wallace Collection in the UK.


I was lucky enough to find a free 3D scan online and utilized it to create this a final piece that I was proud of.




I really wanted to incorporate an aspect of topography into the bust and it is also no secret that I am a fan of color. It was an amazing excuse to incorporate the bright pinks, blues and greens to bring out the dimensions in the sculpture. 




Courtesy of The Wallace Collection


"Our busts present a different level of realism and a degree of individualisation that raise them above the many merely stereotypical “moor” busts of the 17th and 18th centuries."  




The tools I used for this type of 3d art included the amazing Fusion 360 which turns 3D objects into different slices depending on your preference.



As I am getting more comfortable with cinema 4D, I went full force with the texturing and gradient colors and I thought the results were impeccable. 





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